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MoceanFax is a web based fax service that enables you to send one or multiple documents to single or hundreds of recipients at a moderate cost. With this in hands, you need not own any fax machine nor phone lines to get your tasks done and thus get rid of busy signals. Now, you can simply fax it over via the Internet whilst working on something useful that can help you to generate more revenues. With a few clicks of mouse, you can get your faxes into the right hands within minutes. So, waiting is no longer needed.
* Inform / update existing or new customers about lists of new products & services
* Send automated confirmation on online or phone purchases
* Legal notices / company newsletter have better chance being captured and read in print
* Send latest event notifications to increase response rates
* Ensure time sensitive information / decuments are faxed to decision makers instanly
* Send update price lists / quotation catalogues to decision makers
* 24x7 support service available to assist you in any matter
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